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708 Bengoshi
Building, 1-21-8
Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6268-8701
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Firm Overview
Since its establishment in 2008, Asada & Katou Law Office has provided a broad range of legal services from daily legal consulting, lawsuit process, intellectual property rights and employment practices, to corporate restructuring. From individuals to public company clients, we render swift and the most fitting solutions by the seamless teamwork of two attorneys with diverse experiences. Our pricicles at work are:
1.  Clinch The Core, Propose The Solution
We listen. Then we find the best way to solve the case with you.
2.  Communications
We explain the perplexing legal terms and processes attentively until you fully understand them. Besides, we contact you and consult your opinion with the progress of the case. Communications can be in English if needed.
3.  Cost vs Performance
When advising the solution to a particular issue, we bear in mind the cost versus performance effect by considering the judicial costs, attorney fees and the expected return.
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